Welcome to Devaniya, the Kathak dance school headed by Jigyasa Giri in Chennai.

Click on this amazing 3-minute Kathak dance video below by Shastram. Love the enchanting dance and music under the expansive sky painted in vivid colours! The outdoor shots have been danced atop a water tank of a high rise building! Now, that’s relentless focus – both by the maker of this stunning video – Ghirija Jayaraj – and the dancer Avani Giri. The video has captured the essence of Kathak and the soul of Devaniya.

“Madras being the city & citadel of Bharatanatyam…refreshing to have a Kathak school…thanks to the dedication & devotion of Jigyasa. The (kathak) form has an elfin charm, its mathematical precision delights, and its subtle abhinaya, engages.” – Ashish Khokar, Art Historian

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