Welcome to Devaniya, the Kathak dance school headed by Jigyasa Giri in Chennai.

Click on this amazing 3-minute Kathak dance video below by Shastram. Love the enchanting dance and music under the expansive sky painted in vivid colours! The outdoor shots have been danced atop a water tank of a high rise building! Now, that’s relentless focus – both by the maker of this stunning video – Ghirija Jayaraj – and the dancer Avani Giri. The video has captured the essence of Kathak and the soul of Devaniya.

“Madras being the city & citadel of Bharatanatyam…refreshing to have a Kathak school…thanks to the dedication & devotion of Jigyasa. The (kathak) form has an elfin charm, its mathematical precision delights, and its subtle abhinaya, engages.” – Ashish Khokar, Art Historian

Happy to be invited to feature in perhaps the largest Indian Classical YouTube Channel conceptualised and managed by the Digital Wing of Giri Traders exclusively for Indian Classical Dancers. Like many of its unique endeavours as a cultural ambassador, this is a one of a kind attempt in YouTube to bring together the community of dancers on a single digital platform.
Do share and subscribe to the channel to view more Indian classical dance repertoires of substance.


Jaago Bansi Wale | Kathak Dance | Devaniya | TIDE – The Indian Dance Experience


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