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I was truly delighted to see so many devaniyans, FB friends and well wishers of devaniya at the Urur-Olcott kuppam vizha on 11th Feb. And though it started late many of you stayed till the end. Thank you for that spirit of camaraderie. Finally that’s what matters more than anything else. And it definitely adds [...]

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Manmohana – The Final Merging

by devaniya on February 13, 2017

As Meera merges into her blue one….. Manmohana, The Leela Purushottam multiplies Himself in each embodiment…..and fills each one of us with His eternal presence……. The final merging into absolute eternity… Thanks for the brilliant photography Supraja Srinivasan, Ganesh AND Ranjith!   For more photos please visit –  

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Tarana – Dekho Kanha – Group Antara

by devaniya on February 13, 2017

The Gopis of Brindavan gather on a full moon night in the hope of meeting their beloved Krishna…..their hopes are fulfilled when they hear the beautiful strains of His flute augmenting His arrival. But mischievous as He is, He teases them, and blocks their path. The Gopis pretend to fight with him and tell him [...]

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Holi Hei – Group Bhaav

by devaniya on February 13, 2017

In the outskirts of Chennai, on the ECR, is the village of Uthandi, where a group of wonderful enthusiastic youngsters assemble every Sunday to step out of the conventional to learn Kathak! They have never been exposed to the Hindi language nor Kathak before. Devaniya proudly presents group Bhaav, our Uthandi faction. They did us [...]

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Achyutam Keshavam – Group Raas

by devaniya on February 13, 2017

This popular bhajan authoritatively declares that true love and devotion can move the Lord Himself to dance to your tunes… Rama ate the berries tasted by Shabari for her devotion which was so earnest. Krishna was a willing slave to the unconditional love of Radha, to the maternal affection of Yashoda, and to the ultimate [...]

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Mayur Pankh – Group Thaat

by devaniya on February 13, 2017

From the realm of playful love and mischief, we make a subtle shift to another plane…that of Bhakti or devotion. Mayur pankh began with a vandana in raag Yaman Kalyan, as a salutation to the blue one….the butter stealing cherub, the divine lad who vanquished his evil uncle, the boy-God who danced victorious on the [...]

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Jamuna Ke Teer – Group Lehara

by devaniya on February 10, 2017

Jamuna Ke Teer, a beautiful lilting expressional piece using kavith and gath in raag Bihag was performed by students of group Lehara. The story goes….that Krishna would go to the banks of the Yamuna every morning to brush his teeth and wash his face. And Yamuna, the colourless river fell so much in love with [...]

The youngest, naughtiest groups of Devaniya – groups Dhwani and Raag , performed to a popular Gujarati song – ‘Taravina shyam manne ekaladu laage’ … Oh Krishna ! I am alone without you , come play Raas with me under the full moon sky … The young girls danced with absolute joy , setting the [...]

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Sundar Krishna Manmohana

by devaniya on February 10, 2017

Sundar Krishna Manmohana….beautifully rendered in the voice of Monali Bala for Tarang… the roll of a wave….a splash of energies….. an offering of the SELF to the Lord. Five groups of students, each at a different level of their learning presented the gradual process of their evolution in the arena of classical dance… only the [...]

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Manmohana – 5th Annual Day Presentation

by devaniya on February 10, 2017

Manmohana – the 5th annual day presentation of Devaniya was held on 16th Jan 2017 in Chennai. The show began with a poem in english with 130 dancers on stage. We feel THE supreme presence in the carefree winds, in each raindrop that falls on earth, in the fragrance of mother earth herself… every moment [...]