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Ode to Seekers and Teachers Alike

by devaniya on September 21, 2015

            An Ode to Seekers and Teachers Alike ~~~ A candle’s job is to spread its light As far as it may reach Until it melts to its very last In the unseen darkness of its burning wick. The job of the world is to bask in that light And [...]

Island Beyond

by devaniya on December 14, 2013

Have you ever walked a countless miles Tired to the bone without stopping a while And finally arrived at the step of your home To learn that you have not a key to the door? Have you dug a tunnel through boulders for years In the knowledge of standing on soft morning grass And finally [...]

Hand in Hand

by devaniya on December 4, 2013

Look up to me not as a star That will guide you with its haloed light, For then I fear, I may drop sometime And darken the image imprinted in your sight. Hold me close to your heart instead And sprinkle your love light on my soul Together let us soar through galaxies of fate [...]

I am a woman

by devaniya on December 1, 2013 asked Jigyasa to share her perspective on womanhood. This poem was born from her unfurling thoughts on the myriad aspects of a woman’s life: I am your wife – I have a purpose to fulfill To stand by you through thick & thin. I am your mother – in my tender purpose I take pride [...]