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My Nainamma, my family!

My Nainamma, my family!

by devaniya on January 25, 2011

A Tribute to Padmabhushan Dr Mohini Giri by Avani Giri Today is my Grandmother’s birthday, and what comes to mind was this poem I wrote 3 years ago – one of those RARE moments when my brother and I worked together and in complete agreement! Can there be anything better then, that I submit this [...]

Hi Jinki…his happy and affectionate voice booms as he greets me with a naughty twinkle in his eye. That’s my 80-year-young uncle, my father’s elder brother. Those who know my uncle, Jayendra Patel, will agree with a grin that here is a man who has rarely met anyone without cracking a joke within the first [...]

Meena Bazaar,Pedatha’s Podi

Pranav Jain, Meena Bazaar & Pedatha’s Podi

by devaniya on September 29, 2008

Ever since we wrote “Cooking at home with Pedatha”, the only gift that Pratibha’s brother Pranav Jain wants from the two of us on his birthdays is a Pedatha meal cooked by us at his home – for him and his friends. Well, it is difficult to refuse someone who won’t take no for an [...]

Being a Gujarati who married into an Andhra family, I just automatically turned to Mrs.Sarala Surya Rao, my father-in-law’s sister to learn the basics of Andhra cooking. She was ever willing to teach and quick at sharing traditional recipes. Sarala Athaiyya also happily sent me dishes after dishes in her tiffin dabbas. Recipes using easy [...]

Ugadi Pachchadi

Ugadi Pachchadi – The Rasas of Life

by devaniya on April 7, 2008

Today is UGADI – The Telugu New year. Ugadi shubakankshalu – Warm wishes to all of you on this auspicious day of new beginnings. Today is also yet another beginning for me – my first tribute recipe as a blogger. One of the first persons I want to pay a culinary tribute on this site [...]