jigs & student Devaniya Shivoham Kathak jigyasa Vasant Utsav, May 2015 Vasant Utsav  May 2015 Vasant Utsav, 2015 Vasant Utsav Battle of the anklets Classical Indian Dancers Chennai Kathak Dancers 11053044_514091172089996_2808956453578791374_o Jigyasa Giri Kathak Choreographer Kathak dancers with abhinaya Kathak Dance India 16387873_1613423318684529_476893074657591182_n 16386948_1613444968682364_2878804683095828511_n Devaniya P 5 Devaniya P 4 Devaniya P 3 Devaniya P 2 Devaniya P 1 16178783_1605427742817420_1679039606512952090_o Devaniya P 6 Devaniya P 7 Devaniya P 8 Devaniya P 9 Devaniya P 10 pic1

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