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Humans of the Arts

by devaniya on September 27, 2014

Humans of the Arts features Jigyasa Giri and other beautiful artists – August 2014.

Human of the Arts

What is your relationship with poetry?
I have written over 150 poems. I experienced a strange phase in my life when poems of love simply flowed out of me. I was working on Meera Bai dance project, which due to circumstances, had to be shelved for a while. Soon after I put that on hold, poetry began to flow. Sometimes, I feel it came from my perception of and my reverence for Meera as an empowered woman and lover, rather than a devotee and a saint. At other times, I believe that it came from the deep passion that exists within my core, perhaps even unknown to my worldly self that needed to find its release and expression in words.

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Humans of the Arts

(As seen in Humans of the Arts Magazine)

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