I am a woman

by devaniya on December 1, 2013

Margazhi.org asked Jigyasa to share her perspective on womanhood. This poem was born from her unfurling thoughts on the myriad aspects of a woman’s life:

I am your wife – I have a purpose to fulfill
To stand by you through thick & thin.

I am your mother – in my tender purpose I take pride
To nourish and prepare you in the world to take your stride.

I am your daughter with a purpose was I born
To carry your genes for another generation to come.

Oh my brother, my sibling dearest
I was born to share in your sunset years
memories of frolic in the sun,
laughter in the rain and the lap of our mother warm.

I am your friend with a purpose of camaraderie & banter
To give you space for tears & laughter.

I am your lover whose only purpose is
To love you now and through life after life.

Shunned by society, nevertheless
In being your mistress a pure purpose I have
To be your solace in stress and distress.

I am a woman; with a purpose was I created
To be the power, the pride, the beauty of mankind.

I am human, and I believe I have a purpose
To use my intellect yet surrender my will
To a power much higher than I can imagine.

Why then, Oh woman, do I so often hear you say
that there is no purpose
In the magnificent universe where we repose?
How did you turn blind to the light of faith
And stumble into the abyss of purposeless existence?

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Hema Srinivasan January 13, 2014 at 5:44 am

Hi Jigyasa! What a poem ? I enjoyed reading this. Ah ha ha So many talents?


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