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Jamuna Ke Teer – Group Lehara

by devaniya on February 10, 2017

Jamuna Ke Teer, a beautiful lilting expressional piece using kavith and gath in raag Bihag was performed by students of group Lehara.

The story goes….that Krishna would go to the banks of the Yamuna every morning to brush his teeth and wash his face. And Yamuna, the colourless river fell so much in love with Krishna that she completely absorbed and became the dusky colour of His complexion. And when the gopis go to fill their water pots on the banks of the Yamuna, they gaze into the dark water and fall in love with themselves as they see their dark Krishna in their fair reflections….when He doesn’t follow them and block their path, they feel lost and disconnected….and when He does appear and tease them they chase Him away only so that He returns again and again until they lose themselves completely in Him.

Photos : Supraja Srinivasan and Ganesh


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