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Mayur Pankh – Group Thaat

by devaniya on February 13, 2017

From the realm of playful love and mischief, we make a subtle shift to another plane…that of Bhakti or devotion.

Mayur pankh began with a vandana in raag Yaman Kalyan, as a salutation to the blue one….the butter stealing cherub, the divine lad who vanquished his evil uncle, the boy-God who danced victorious on the serpent Kalinga’s hood, who lifted the Govardhan mountain with His little finger to protect the whole of Brindavan from the wrath of Indra.
The sequence then moved into tirwat – a rapid and lilting pure dance – reminding us of the peacocks that dance in the presence of the Lord.
Performed by group Thaat – an extremely motivated team. Well done!

Photos: Supraja Srinivasan and Ganesh


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