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Sundar Krishna Manmohana

by devaniya on February 10, 2017

Sundar Krishna Manmohana….beautifully rendered in the voice of Monali Bala for Tarang… the roll of a wave….a splash of energies….. an offering of the SELF to the Lord.
Five groups of students, each at a different level of their learning presented the gradual process of their evolution in the arena of classical dance… only the pure joy of learning exists. Participating groups in Tarang were – Swar, who have been learning for a year and a half, followed by Paran and Ghazal who are a year old in Devaniya and finally groups Tribhang and sargam, the newest of the groups, who are all just 6 months old at Devaniya – a total count of 58 budding dancers.
For most of these students, this was their first ever stage performance, and definitely the first kathak performance for all of them.
Kudos to all of you!

Photos: Supraja Srinivasan and Ganesh


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