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Tarana – Dekho Kanha – Group Antara

by devaniya on February 13, 2017

The Gopis of Brindavan gather on a full moon night in the hope of meeting their beloved Krishna…..their hopes are fulfilled when they hear the beautiful strains of His flute augmenting His arrival. But mischievous as He is, He teases them, and blocks their path. The Gopis pretend to fight with him and tell him not to speak to them.
All of a sudden they find that He has really gone away….and in their search for Him they merge into His boundless love. They dance with energetic abandon willing Him to return to them…..urging Him now to speak to them….
A Tarana with a unique blend of poetry and rhythm in raag kedar, taal, teen taal was presented by the senior most group of Devaniya – group Antara.


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