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Urur-Olcott Kuppam Vizha – Celebrating Oneness – 2018

by devaniya on March 20, 2018

I was truly delighted to see so many devaniyans, FB friends and well wishers of devaniya at the Urur-Olcott kuppam vizha on 11th Feb. And though it started late many of you stayed till the end. Thank you for that spirit of camaraderie. Finally that’s what matters more than anything else. And it definitely adds to the morale and joy of those who are performing.

The Urur-Olcott Kuppam Vizha – Celebrating Oneness was a unique and challenging experience for me in terms of concept, costume and choreography; I had to keep the wind factor, the shaky stage etc. in mind to design the costumes and choreograph accordingly. I thank Sunanda Jain the official costumer of devaniya for her wonderful execution of costumes.

For the dancers it was a very tough terrain at many levels; the photographers Radha Sharma , Supraja Srinivasan and Smitha Suraj (all devaniyans at some time or other) had a challenging time too capturing the right moments in their lenses on the dark sandy vastness of the beach amidst all the noise and stage lights. We had a receptive and full audience. Our compere Priyadharshinikishore Neelakandan, also a devaniyan, was absolutely brilliant at holding the audience attention and keeping their interest and curiosity alive between the dances . Swetha Sundar at the light and sound console handled it beautifully. So much and much more goes into learning and performance …. every drop is the ocean. Thank you all for being a part of that ocean.

Today we feature Radha Sharma’s journey with us. She followed the team right from stage rehearsal in the hot sun, to make up, to the show. Hats off!!!!

Once again our heartfelt thanks to The Urur-Olcott kuppam vizha team for this opportunity to challenge ourselves beyond ourselves. Our next album will feature Smitha Suraj’s pics and that will be followed by Supraja Srinivasan’s. Stay with us….:-).

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